Paediatric Injectable Guidelines 9th Edition

$200.00 exGST

The Paediatric Injectable Guidelines (PIG) provides up-to-date and vital information on hundreds of injectable medicines.  Developed by clinicians for clinicians, the PIG aims to assist Australian health professionals in the safe and effective administration of injectable medicines in children.

Containing close to 300 drug monographs, the The Paediatric Injectable Guidelines 9th Edition also includes many clinical updates and a number of new drug entries.
There are also clear and practical reconstitution tables, including what diluent to use and exact volume for each vial presentation and desired concentration.
It is available as a fully laminated, spiral bound flip-book, making it suitable for wet conditions such as drug preparation areas.

Released July 2023, the 9th Edition supersedes the Paediatric Injectable Guidelines 2021 edition

Online - Updated January 2019