Developed by clinicians for clinicians to assist in the safe and effective administration of injectable medicines in children.

The Paediatric Injectable Guidelines 2019 edition is available as a fully laminated, spiral bound flip-book, making it suitable for wet conditions such as drug preparation areas and as an online subscription. The 2019 edition contains over 300 drug monographs, over 100 clinical updates and many new drugs.

UPDATED monograph - Calcium Folinate

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4 Oct 2019

Clinical Knowledge Network - Case study

How a collaborative approach to information resource acquisition has improved paediatric care across Queensland. More...

12 Jul 2019

NEW monograph - DaPTomycin

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10 Jul 2019

NEW monograph - Brivaracetam

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10 Jul 2019

NEW monograph - LinCOMYCIN

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1 Jul 2019

UPDATED Monographs - Midyear update July 2019

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1 Jul 2019